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Shared Lives Carers

Shared Lives Carers provide care and support to people in the carer's own home, providing a community-based approach to supporting people to live their lives as independently as possible.

 The Herefordshire Shared Lives Scheme is managed by Herefordshire Council who recruit, assess and train Shared Lives Carers who live throughout Herefordshire; the carers then provide care and support to people in the carer's own home.

Shared Lives Carers offer long term and respite/short breaks with Shared Lives arrangements, working with adults of any age who wish to live or stay within a supported family-based Shared Lives setting.



Will I get paid as a Shared Lives carer?

Yes, carers receive a fee of approximately £390 a week to provide a room, food and support to someone. This fee is usually eligible for HMRC qualifying care relief, so most carers are likely to pay little or no tax on Shared Lives income.

Do I need to own my own house?

No, as long as you can show you are securely housed and have a spare room then you can apply to become a Shared Lives carer.

How long does the assessment process take?

Because we need to carry out an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, ask for references and complete a comprehensive assessment with about 6-10 visits to your house, the process usually takes between 3-6 months.

Once I’m approved as a Shared Lives carer, how do I get to support someone?

We get all our referrals from the Council’s social care teams; we’ll look at what support that person needs, then speak to you about them. We then arrange an informal ‘cup of tea’ visit where they get to meet you at home, this will progress to trial overnight stays if the match is positive.

Do I get a contract of employment?

Shared Lives carers are self-employed, so you should register with HMRC as self-employed; you will sign a Shared Lives agreement which sets out what we expect you to do and what support you can expect from us.

Do you have carer meetings?

We usually have a Scheme meeting twice a year for all carers; there is also an independent Shared Lives carer forum that meets quarterly to look at developing Shared Lives and to provide peer support. You can also join Shared Lives Plus, a national charity that works to promote Shared Lives.




If you're interested in becoming a Shared Lives Carer...


 Please call the Shared Lives team for an informal chat about becoming a carer, our number is 01432 260798.

You can find also more information on our website: