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Senior care assistant

Provider: Ashfield House

Location: Leominster

Job Term: permanent

Salary: 8.50

Hours: 18

Number of posts: 1

Closing Date:

Purpose of Position To support the head of home in all aspects of the home's management, including taking temporary complete charge during the absence of the senior staff. Principal Responsibilities 1. Provide assistance with the management of the day-to-day running of the home Take responsibility for the running of the home in the absence of the registered manager. Help the registered manager with the general management of the home working under their guidance and leadership. Support the registered manager in his or her duties to ensure the home complies with all health and safety requirements, including the fire safety regulations and procedures. Help the registered manager produce and maintain systems and procedures for auditing and assuring quality of care provided by the home. To be flexible about working hours. To maintain confidentiality at all times. To carry out any reasonable duties as requested by the manager. 2. Assistance with the management of service user care Assist service users with the planning and meeting of their personal care and other needs. Help to provide health supervision and attention through direct nursing care when needed. Be responsible for care planning, monitoring and reviewing arrangements. Help with the formulation of social care and healthcare plans for new service users and with service user reviews. Help to control the issue of drugs for which the home has taken responsibility, to maintain the necessary records and to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the systems for administering medicines. Participate in the development of activities for service users in which they can join and which will enhance their quality of life. Help to ensure that the preparation, cooking and serving of food meet the required standards. 3. Assistance with the management of the premises Help to ensure that rooms and common spaces are properly cleaned and maintained and adequately heated. Help to maintain the standards set for the appearance and upkeep of the premises, indoors and outdoors. Manage, as required, any planned maintenance programmes. 4. Assistance with staff management Supervise and support care and domestic staff contribute to the best of their ability to the efficient running of the home and the creation of the right atmosphere. Take responsibility for the management of specific staffing matters as required by the registered manager. Participate in staff meetings and in staff supervision, training and development activities. . 5. Administration and Finance Help the registered manager with the management of the home’s staffing, financial and material resources, including involvement in staff recruitment and selection. Help the registered manager maintain the administrative systems for keeping records, particularly those required to comply with the current legislation. Help the registered manager to produce and maintain the operational policies and procedures needed to run the home effectively and efficiently and to achieve legal compliance.

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