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Supporting candidates through application

Advice from the Department of Health and Social Care is that as individuals may well be applying for jobs besides the one with you, it is important to keep in touch with them throughout the process as good candidates are in high demand. For example:

  • Give clear instructions and don’t assume that people will know what to bring, where to park, where the nearest bus stop is.
  • Remind people of interview dates and times. A quick call, text or email the day before can help.
  • Consider diarising interview slots around mid-morning or after the tea time slot as evidence suggests scheduling around these times reduces the amount of ‘no shows’.
  • Be clear on the interview process, such as if there are special tests, an interview protocol or half day working trial that is required in advance of a job offer.
  • Stay in touch as sometimes there can be quite long gaps in between the checks/stages before employment can begin (such as DBS checks).

This information has been taken from the DHSC’s Adult Social Care Recruitment Campaign Partner Toolkit which you can view and download here