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Staff Referrals

Advice from the Department of Health and Social Care Evidence shows that employee referrals work well – they don’t generate high volumes of recruitment but they are selective, efficient and cost effective. Conversion from employee referrals is close to 50%, much higher than the 3% conversion rate from job boards. It takes investment and resources but has long term benefits, finding you staff with the right values, personality and skills.

Guidance from experts include:

  • Offer attractive awards such as cash bonus or paid leave
  • Make sure staff are aware and understand the scheme, including new starters
  • Ensure management support the scheme, encouraging staff to use
  • Keep the scheme exciting – use communications to launch, remind staff and relaunch
  • Pay rewards quickly as agreed
  • Personally thank referrers alongside their reward
  • Tier rewards according to what’s been achieved
  • Actively manage your scheme, track and monitor its success and get feedback from staff This information has been taken from the DHSC’s Adult Social Care Recruitment Campaign Partner Toolkit which you can view and download here.