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Call to Care!

Date: 5/20/2021


Have you got vacancies for care workers? There are potential staff ready for you right now.

There are hundreds of potential care workers keen right now to work in independent adult care settings across the West Midlands.

They have responded to the Government's national call for care workers to urgently support your work and build a long-term career in social care. 

You could be matched within days via a new free service that will put in you in touch with applicants who live in the region and want to work locally.

The applicant matching service is being offered by your local council in some areas, or regionally by the West Midlands Employers organisation (WME). 

And it is endorsed by all of the region’s Care Provider Associations and backed by the region’s 14 councils with responsibility for adult social care. 

The level and type of experience offered by candidates varies across the pool.

 About half of the applicants have either worked or volunteered in a health and social care setting previously. Others look like they may have the right qualities and mix of general skills you may be looking for.


To find out how to register for the service and more about WME and its campaigning by going to

We know this is a very tough time for you – so don’t worry if you are struggling to find the resources to recruit to your setting or business, the councils and WME can help with that.