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Speech Made by the Secretary of State 20 March 2018

Jeremy Hunt launches 7 key principles that will guide the Social care sector thinking.
  1. Quality
  2. Whole-person integrated care
  3. Control
  4. Workforce People who work in care homes, who do home visits, who look after
    people with care needs with kindness and love in every street in every town – these
    are our society’s modern-day heroes. Often highly skilled, they are typically also the
    lowest paid.

    So it is time to do more to promote social care as a career of choice and to ensure
    there are better opportunities for progression into areas like nursing which span both
    the health and social care sectors. And we need coherent workforce planning that is
    better aligned with that now being undertaken by the NHS. Alongside social workers,
    occupational therapists and nurses in social care we have many care workers who
    could benefit or be inspired by new progression ladders similar to those that are
    being developed in the NHS including roles such as associate nurses and nurse
    degree apprenticeships. These must be as available to those working in social care
    as in the NHS.
  5. Supporting families and carers
  6. A sustainable funding model for social care supported by a diverse, vibrant
    and stable market
  7. Security for all