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Meet the Care Heroes

Herefordshire has so many amazing Care Heroes. Read the stories of the Care Heroes you can currently find throughout the website talking about their careers, training opportunities, the advantages and the challenges of working in care. Here you can learn a bit about them.

Magda, is a physiotherapy assistant and is one of our Care Heroes.


Magda moved to England 3 years ago, adult social care was a stable job which quickly became much more than that as she met lovely people and was able to help change their lives.

Gretal, is a support worker and a care hero.


Gretal worked in the military, living in Germany for 20 years. When she returned, she wanted a career that would make a difference and enjoys that every day’s different.

William, a care hero support worker in Herefordshire.


William's been working with adults with learning disabilities for 9 years. He enjoys working in a team and encourages everyone to be open minded about working in Adult Social Care.

Ellie, is an apprentice starting her career in social care.


Ellie started her apprenticeship this year. She was inspired by family members with learning disabilities. 6 hours of her work week are dedicated to coursework as well as on the job learning.

Abi is a care coordinator in Herefordshire.


Abi has grown in confidence and her career has blossomed in social care - 5 years ago she started as a support worker, after a year she was a senior and she now coordinates the service in the office.

Martin is a support worker and is one of our care heroes.


Martin was previously a retail store manager but changed careers to enrich people’s lives. He likes to help people live their lives to the fullest.

Tristan is one of our care heroes, he's a support worker in Herefordshire.


Tristan's been working in Adult Social Care for 3 years starting as a weekend job whilst at school. He likes his team and enjoys the positive reactions of the people he supports.

Claire is a senior manager in the social care sector.


Claire joined 19 years ago after having children and needing a job that could work around childcare. She joined as a Support Worker and says if you want to progress, you can!

Suzann is a team leader in the social care sector.


Suzann worked in retail, and changed careers after having children. She started off working in elderly residential care before finding a real passion for working with people with learning disabilities.

Adam is a support worker in the social care sector in Herefordshire.


Adam had various jobs in different sectors before finding Adult Social Care as the place he wanted to be. He is interested in Psychology and plans to take his career in that direction.

Sam a support worker is just one of many care heroes across Herefordshire.


Sam joined after she left school and wants everyone to know they can join regardless of experience. She enjoys the sense of achievement her work gives her.