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On this page you can learn about how care is a career, not just a job.

Click on the leaves of the Career Tree to learn about different roles and find key information such as:

  • role summary
  • usual hours
  • average salary
  • training opportunities
  • career progression to other roles

You can also scroll down and learn about how our Care Heroes began their careers in social care.

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How to start your career in care

There are so many different routes into a career in social care. Our Care Heroes all have different stories:

  • Straight from education: for some of our Care Heroes, Social Care was their first career - with this route, it's useful to consider direct care roles first.

  • Apprenticeships: one of our Care Heroes is an apprentice, this work-based training programme is enabling her to develop the skills and confidence she needs to work in Social Care.

  • Volunteering: many of our Care Heroes volunteered in Social Care before starting a career. For some: it was a way of helping others which became a passion and vocation. For others: it allowed them to see if they enjoyed working in Social Care before committing to employment.

  • Career change: a lot of our Care Heroes had previous careers but decided they wanted a change for many reasons, some were looking for more flexibility whilst others were looking for a more meaningful career that could genuinely change other people's lives.

Shared Lives Carers

Shared Lives Carers is an opportunity to support vulnerable people in your community like no other role.

With training, support and funding, Shared Lives Carers can provide a home and support to vulnerable adults. This opportunity changes the lives of so many people across the county who gain independence and experiences that may not be possible without you.

If you really want to change someone's life, this is something for you to consider.

Discover Shared Lives Carers