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Care Heroes introduces you to the opportunities that starting a career in care can bring you!

Most people don't understand that working in Social Care is an important and rewarding career with opportunities for training and progression.

Our Care Heroes are real people working in Herefordshire - watch their videos and let them tell you what it's really about!


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Why is Social Care important?

As the population gets older and life expectancy increases, there will be more people who need support to live a safe and happy life.

The estimated increase in older people is 45%:

2015: 43,900 people aged 65+

2039: 63,500 people aged 65+ 

Herefordshire needs more people working in adult social care to make sure everybody can get the support they need.  You can help. Taking the opportunity to kick start your career in social care is more important than ever!

If you want to make a difference now and in the future, consider a career in social care today.

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